About Us

Tinker (think, do) Myself is a group of passionate people set out to make a change. We want children of today to get better equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow. We firmly believe that excessive use of gadgets by the children is hampering their progress and interest in learning. Instead, that time should be spent with their parents and have real-life experiences, where they can fail and become better equipped for the future. That’s what, Richa, the founder of Tinker Myself and a mother, found out after exploring the world around us. Hence, she came up with the idea of creating a workbook to help children to read and write independently and make it fun all the same. She also conductedworkshops where she solves queries of the parents and empowers them with the right resources and techniques. This is how Tinker Myself was incepted.

Children are a curious learner. Their mind can be moulded in any form and it is our responsibility to mould them right. To help you in this endeavour, we have come up with a range of articles, videos, and a range of other products and ways to bring out the best in them. After all, children are the future and the future should be bright.

Your child has the potential to do wonders. But it will only be possible with your help, by you have a better bond with him. A better bond leads to a better development. And that’s what we strive for.

Have you ever wondered what you and your child could do sitting together instead of your child sitting with your gadget? Have you ever thought of all the possibilities and fun and learnings you and your children could have by just spending some quality together? We know that you work very hard for your children and want to give them the best of everything. But in this busy life, you might not be able to devote enough time to them by beingthere with them. That’s what Tinker Myself is all about. Trying to help you out to strengthen the bond between you and your children so that they can have the best future possible.

Parent Reviews

Loved d idea. It really keeps d child engaged. Parents get d books customized according to their child's level nd interests . Its parents only who knw how gud s d level of their child nd so dis helps.

- Sunaina Saxena

This is the best way to engage child. It is personlized and hand picked stories help them to relate with their imagination. Parents know their child well than anyone else. Hence Tinker helps them to frame a book as per child growth. I believe it will be a game changer in the market.

- Anshul Omar

d worksheets u sent r amazing, not only did they keep d kids busy all thru d vacations but also helped them improve their logical reasoning skills way to go richa looking fr more story books n worksheets p.s.( d handwritten sheets n stories also adds a lot of personal touch , kids relate more wid d character which inturn improves their imagination)

- Ashish Loomba

Very good idea, appreciate your hard work behind this... Keep it up. A very innovative and interesting way to engage your child n to keep him / her away from television..

- Ruchi Singhania Bidasaria