Learning happens anywhere and everywhere is the concept of TinkerMyself. I am Richa and I make educational products for children in the form of worksheets.

I have over a decade’s worth of experience in the education industry. During my motherhood break, I began to explore the various options available for educating children. This is when I realized that most children these days, are addicted to gadgets, leading me to feel the need to create something that would be more constructive and productive than staring at a screen. Children these days have difficulty in reading and writing and have started losing interest in these prime activities. To curb this issue, I make worksheets which make reading and writing exercise a fun and entertaining experience. These worksheets are compact and travel-friendly, thus can be carried anywhere to utilize free time.

I feel that a child does not necessarily need to read a book or practice cursive writing to develop these skills, different and more fun activities are presented in the form of these worksheets to help maintain the child’s interest and attention while developing their reading and writing skills. I hope to make a difference in every child and parent’s life by way of these worksheets. I hope you like my shop and the concept behind the worksheets. Happy shopping!

Why tinker myself worksheets?

Developed by a mother and tested by a daughter.

Single sided worksheets to avoid distractions.

Easy to learn content

Build Reading and writing skills.

Travel-friendly design

Age appropriate